Born in Bordeaux, France VinoTherapy has found the answer to your medicinal and cosmetic anti-aging questions. The fountain of youth is no longer just for drinking. Our Board Certified Anti-Aging Pharmacist and team of naturopathic and medicinal doctors have confirmed the belief that the resveratrol, polyphenol and flavonoids found in red wine are absorbed beneficially through the pores of our skin. First debuted in Northern California’s Cabernet Organic Nail Spa, VinoTherapy is now available in your town thanks to FionaMD.




The fermenting of grapes to wine has many steps to make the highest quality vino. But the most beloved part of wine rituals is the traditional stomping of the grapes. During grape harvest entire villages all over the world will hold festivals to engage in the "grape-stomp." FionaMD is so proud to share this heritage and quench your desire to crush grapes with your feet through our Anti-Aging Wine-Infused Therapy.
Step 1 in our treatment process is completing the full Vinotherapy soak. But alas, Drinking wine is not Included! Our first concentrated package of blended herbs and essential oils as if by magic will transform your water into wine! This deep blending soak will absorb through your pores giving you a full vinotherapy treatment allowing you to better enjoy the benefits of anti-aging medicine through your most overused appendages your hands and feet. Our Vinotherapy package has been approved for use as both a Mani-Ceutical and Pedi-Ceutical product.


Our Ageless lotion has been included in our Vinotherapy Anti-Aging Line to provide all the essential anti-aging treatments. Our Ageless lotion has been created in part by our Anti-Aging Practitioner and Pharmacist to provide true and lasting results. As you age, your skin can become thinner, dryer, and prone to wrinkles, hardened features, and spotting. These are all part of the aging process of skin cells that are caused by stress, free radicals, excessive wear and tear, and loss of collagen and healthy cell tissues. Our Ageless lotion with our signature combinations of Urea and Glycerin help to nourish your delicate skin cells by increasing the flow of collagen receptors and decrease susceptibility to free radicals. Our ageless lotion is not intended for use on face or other unlisted body parts.


Our Essential Oil Serums are designed to put the powerful concentration of nature into a perfect blend of wellness and with each treatment give the highest benefits that holistic medicines can offer. These Natural Oil Remedies have been selected for their healing, calming and rejuvenating properties. From the age-defying grapeseed oil to the calming spirit of lavender each of our oil blends is hand picked and blended to provide the deepest concentration of anti-aging benefits.

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