Our Amazing Mani-Ceutical and Pedi-Ceutical treatments come standardized in single use packets. Each complete treatment will include 3 - 6 steps:

5 in 1


  • A naturopathic hand/foot soak based in epsom salt, natural herbs, and dried essential oil concentrates.

  • An exfoliating and revitalizing scrub with real herbal extracts hand picked for their wellness benefits by Leanne

  • A Signature Ageless Lotion creation from our Anti-Aging Practitioner created to rejuvenate lost collagen, rehydrate skin and reduce future exposure to free radicals.

  • An Anti-Aging Mask to give a deeper wellness to hands and feet allowing freedom from dead skin cells and creation of new youthful cell creation

  • Deluxe Age-Defying Serums with our advanced combinations of essential oils and detoxifying serum not only will you find deep relaxation but also the ability to easily remove any buildup of overworked and aged skin.

  • Our Daily Protectant cream, This final step of your pedicure has been created for long lasting effects of our VinoTherapy and Podiatry packages to increase resistance to free radicals, protect against bacteria and fungus, and seal in hydration.

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In order to ensure the highest quality standards and best services for all our our Fiona Fans we do not sell any products directly to mainstream markets. Our products may not be purchased online or on Amazon.com, if you do encounter our products in these markets please avoid purchasing as they may be expired, incorrectly stored, or fakes. You may find our products at one of our many certified sister salons.

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