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Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine has been discredited by the commercialized industries of pharmaceutical medicine but this traditional approach to healing takes into consideration the entire person, mind, body and soul. This approach to patients completely encapsulates the true nature of our business. Self-care and overall wellness of spirit is the true nature of the manicure and pedicure treatment. Yes, there are basic grooming standards as well as high fashion considerations but the true reason that clients choose us is the complete care and sense of pampering that only our specialized field of experts can give. It is said that the Hands are eyes into the soul and our feet both physically and naturally ground us to Mother Earth.

The philosophy behind holistic medicine is the balancing of self. Instead of treating ailments with empty medicines of little true value, holistic medicine looks at the person as a whole to find the root cause of the ailment, whether it be stress, dietary, hormonal, or even spiritual ailments. This complete care allows the client to leave with a better sense of wholeness and completeness not otherwise found. With FionaMD, we offer not only products to treat the true causes of these problems but the real education, training and support systems to offer each client a meaningful experience that will give them a feeling of wellness that they aren’t offered at other salons. This completion of a full circle of care will not only set apart your business and allow you to thrive financially but also give a positive impact to your community as you notice that your clients will leave with a better outlook and sense of relief throughout their daily lives.

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