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Essential Oils

In the last 10 years Essential Oils have been popularized through mainstream viewership and even with pyramid marketing and sales. Many people use essential oils solely as a form of Aromatherapy, while this is a wonderful treatment set Essential oils are so much more. Holistic medicine has been using essential oils in perfect combinations since 3000 BC. The healing properties of nature have long been used to cure our ancestors ailments from pain and stress to even the common cold! Our naturopathic doctor has created our Ageless Serums to perfect these blends and create an overall wellness for our clients.

Each Essential Oil is chosen for its intrinsic properties found over years of development and research and rooted in the nature of Mother Earth.

- Rosemary - This Antimicrobial and Antibacterial oil has long been used to prevent absorption of free radicals and harsh bacteria that can cause aging. Rosemary has been found in doses of 10mg/kg after a 7 days treatment to increase circulation and reduce overall inflammation leading to an anti-aging effect

- Rose - This extract is high in antioxidant and antibacterial properties. A proven powerful tool for cell rejuvenation and increased turnover restoring a youthful glow to dull aged skin cells.

- Pomegranate - This amazing oil has become a food favorite in recent years mostly because its proven health benefits to reduce the free radicals that attack our cells daily. It has also been shown to reduce Sun spots for topical aging, reduce inflammation around the ankles, and reduce skin cancer cells.

- Lavender - Aromatherapy has long given us the enjoyment of Lavenders stress reducing benefits, but the flower itself has been essential at reducing free radical penetration and decreasing oxidative stress. These soothing capabilities are capable of reducing the dull and stress looked from our most valuable skin.

- Vitamin E - This amazing oil topically repairs skin tone and repairs tissue possibly even fighting cancer causing free radicals. It is also an amazing support oil to boost the effects of other anti-aging essential oils.

- Grapeseed - A wonder with inflammation and wounds, this is a key nutrient found in the skin of grapes and loaded with the Resveratrol needed to prevent the harsh signs of aging.

Almond - This anti-inflammatory oil is an anti-aging secret as it is so potent and able to enhance other wonderful oils as well. Almond is perfect for soothing inflammation caused by conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is almond that fights aging due to complexion, scars, skin tone, and dry skin.

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