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I am Leanne Nguyen, founder of FionaMD. I was born in Vietnam, my father fought alongside American troops to protect us from communism and shortly after the war my family moved to the US.

My first job was working in a nail salon and I really enjoyed the fashion, beauty and making people feel good about themselves. After attending a conference about the benefits of anti-aging care I launched my first business, Cabernet Organic Nail Spa, in Granite Bay, California.

With the help of a naturopathic doctor, anti-aging practitioner, and pharmacist we launched Northern California’s first anti-aging wine-infused VinoTherapy nail treatments. The overwhelming success of Cabernet got me thinking, what if everyone could do what I’m doing? And From that Fiona was born.

I believe that all people can not only enjoy but deserve the benefits of Anti-Aging medicine. In giving total wellness to our clients we receive total kindness in return. This belief has grown FionaMD from a single salon in Napa Valley to a national name for Anti-Aging care. And because of how far we have come we never forget our humble roots, that's why I always take pride and will drop everything to help any of our sister salons all the way to giving pedicure myself to our beloved clients. Because in giving we receive.

Who Is Fiona?

The name Fiona is a modern Irish adaptation on the Early Gaelic name Fíne (pronounced \FEEN-yeh\) meaning "a vine", derived from Latin vinea. The Latin vinum meaning wine, has since also morphed from its original into “vino” which is the key to our anti-aging secrets in our VinoTherapy treatments. Since 1976, we have known that the healing power of resveratrol is most highly present in the grapevines themselves. The vine feeds its anti-aging benefits directly to the grape, the same as Fiona will direct all her anti-aging knowledge directly to you.

Why FionaMD?

Nail salons can be so much more than polish and dips. I have proven that putting the emphasis on better products, better experiences and a foundation of education can turn into higher customer loyalty, higher customer satisfaction, and higher profits for small businesses. With FionaMD I’m not just sharing my podiatrist approved formulations, I’m sharing my entire business model. I do this so every salon owner can give a VinoTherapy treatment and share in my success first hand.  

FionaMD Supports You!

FionaMD will give access, training and education to business owners to incorporate our Signature Wine-Infused VinoTherapy nail treatments, as well as our physician approved anti-aging pedi-ceutical line. All of our products are manufactured locally in California for the highest quality fully organic treatment kits which will be shipped directly to you. In addition, we will offer full training, protocols and education for all clients.

Join The Fiona Family

By certifying your licensing we will then allow access to our Professional portal. Not only is this portal important to join the FionaMD family, we will also provide continuing education webinars, Business 2 Business referrals, on site training and new product launch materials. Our Professional resources allow all of our salon owners to utilize their knowledge and tools to become true entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Our business professionals are always available for questions, consultation, and to help you become the salon of your dreams!

Where Can I Meet Fiona

Though she keeps a full schedule, Leanne always leaves time for her beloved Cabernet Nail Spa in Granite Bay, CA

She is also happy to do one-on-one consultations with her FionaMD clients to help you get where you want to be. If you would like to meet her while she is out and about Leanne will be holding events as follows:

COSMOPROF - Las Vegas - July 28 - 30, 2019

Ending Age Related Diseases - New York City - July 11, 2019

See us at COSMOPROF 2019

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