Do you have calluses, bunions, extreme dry skin, fungus, pain? Sometimes the joys of having a pedicure are marred by insecurities. But these real problems don’t have to be yours alone. Your Medi-Pedi-Ceutical is just 6 steps away thanks to FionaMD. We are the only national distributor of podiatrist approved medicinal pedicures. We take the essential and holistic medicinal approaches of our organic and vinotherapy products and combine them with scientific method for our Podiatry Package.

Do you work 10 hour days and don’t have time for self care? The podiatry package is a 6 step unit dose package that concentrates on prophylactic care of your most valuable active asset, your feet. And because our founder Leanne knows your value she has also added in some sweet essential smells and feels to give you a true total package of care.



All of our Pedi-Ceutical treatments are performed by FionaMD trained providers with individualized sterilized pedicure tools but our podiatry essential pedi-ceutical treatment introduces a new level of care. We have taken specialized podiatry medicines such as urea, lactic acid, our signature callus remover serum and pink Himalayan sea salt soak and compounded them into unit dose packaging. Our unit dose packaging ensures sterility of all products and the freshness guarantee of our FDA approved facilities.


The 1-to-1 ratio of pedi-ceutical products to treatments ensures consistency and perfectly portioned ingredients for the assurance of maximum benefits every time. Each of dosing packets ensure the prevention of cross contamination and the wellness you deserve. FionaMD holds all of its partners to the highest quality standards. Every salon that carries FionaMD is registered and trained to our standards of care. This means you will never find Fiona products in an untrained facility. Our sister salons have all gone through at least 8 hours of our podiatrist approved Medi-Pedi-Ceutical training with our anti-aging practitioners and educators. They also proudly display their certificate of course completions available for your review anytime.


Our clinical podiatrist has reviewed all of our podiatry essential wellness packets for the highest efficacy and medicinal values. Our owner, Leanne, has taken special care to partner with Dr. Doan to also infuse these pharmaceutical grade products with our essential oil and vitality blended vitamins to create a medical treatment that feels like a spa day. Just another way FionaMD puts your wellness first.

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