Who We Are

In 2016, owner Leanne Nguyen launched her first organic nail spa, Cabernet of Granite Bay. It was here she debuted the first ever wine-infused Vinotherapy Pedi-Ceutical treatment. When Leanne realized she had clients driving 2 hours or more to get from San Francisco to her spa for her Signature Wine-Infused Vinotherapy treatments she reached out to her advisory board to ask, “How can I bring Vinotherapy to them?” Thus FionaMD was born.


Our corporate offices are based out of Napa Valley, California. Home of America’s greatest grapes and wine. Our production headquarters are located in El Dorado Hills, CA overseen directly by anti-aging specialist and premier compounding pharmacy, Telo-Revers Anti-Aging Pharmacy Inc. In their modern facility they have created an ingenious packaging system which has been A-Z FDA Approved facility, cGMP Practice an Certified USDA Organic Ingredients. We offer domestic and international shipping to any location in the world. We guarantee quality in every single product, every single time.

Our FionaMD Method

Our medical advisory board creates a panel of anti-oxidants, peptides, vitamins, serums and essential oil blends that will focus primarily on the intended remedy. With our board and Leanne’s personal touch we choose which which ingredients will best give the intended result and also feel and smell scrumptious. Leanne personally tests all of our products for safety, practicability, enjoyment and style.

Once we have chosen our ingredients we partner with our local wineries and essential oil farmers to gather only the highest quality, locally sourced and sustainable materials. With our amazing partnership of FDA approved chemists and board certified anti-aging pharmacists we condense and compound all our products into single-use packets for use in store, at home or on-the-go.

FionaMD was created in the shadow of Leanne’s pride and joy Cabernet Organic Nail Spa. Because of this all products distributed by Fiona are created in the image of Cabernet. Our central beliefs are based in providing natural products that create a true feeling of wellness when used.


FionaMD is comprised of partnerships with local businesses, medical doctors, and consumers  who all share in the FionaMD core beliefs:

We believe that all people no matter their age, background or region should be able to enjoy the benefits of self-care.


For All

Time is our most valuable commodity. So often does self-care get looked over for lack of time. Fiona believes that every treatment should give a full anti-aging regimen to inspire better self-care in the time you have.

Turn Back the

Hands of Time

We believe that knowledge is power. When our clients know why we choose our products they understand how it gives them so much more and why they’ll never turn back.

Benefits Of Education

All of our products are made with natural or organic ingredients. Each day we subject ourselves to toxins and free radicals, we fill our lives with stress and impurities. FionaMD allows you to decontaminate your body and mind with natural relaxants and sensory stimulation to provide a sustainable feeling of wellness.

Real Products Create Real Results

We believe that too often clients get bogged down in industry and forget how good it feels when you have a get away. A place that they call you by name. Being able to help our sister salons reach their full potential with our business solutions will increase client care, local economies, and give a fresh polish to nails everywhere.

Small Business

Is The Future

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